The term ‘fear of pickles’ might sound bizarre; the answer to does pickle phobia exist is yes for some people. The world of phobias is scary, comical, surprising, authentic, and unreal, all at the same time.

Some phobias are very well affirmed and proven to exist due to inevitable psychological factors. Some phobias are considered irrational and quite ridiculous.

Fear of spiders and sealed space, fear of heights, and rackety noises have some foundation, but fear of clouds or fear of laughter seems to be relatively uncommon. Phobia of pickles, called Picklephobia, can be deemed unreal, but it is genuine for those who undergo it.

What can cause fear of pickles?

fear of pickles
Does this look scary?

The aversion to pickles is one of the more baseless fears. The reasons for such a deathly afraid of pickles could be hard to deter. However, some of the causes that trigger Picklephobia are:

  • Averse to tasting something too sweet, 
  • Eating too salty foods, 
  • Extreme Sour or bitter burst in the mouth, 
  • Hot or tacky foods,
  • Pickle factory fragrance,
  • Other phobias of getting ill or choking. 

Can Pickle really harm you?

Pickle, in reality, are beneficial to health. But still, some people are too afraid to have them due to bad experiences. Here are some tips that you should not do with pickles:

  • Don’t eat a lot at once,
  • Don’t eat if you have an ulcer,
  • Don’t make pickles much acidic,
  • Look out for any fungus in dry pickles,
  • Celebrate the month of a pickle in July, and don’t get afraid.

Symptoms of Picklephobia

The symptom of fear of pickles is so typical that you may not know you have one till you read this.

  • Afraid of having spicy things,
  • Yelling if someone places chilies in front of them,
  • Panicking,
  • Heavy breathing,
  • Sweating,
  • Hating sour fruits,
  • Being over-conscious of the food.

Are there people having a fear of pickles?

A pickle-phobic lady on Maury Povich Show

Though this phobia is not that common, there appeared on the Maury Povich Show who swore to be Pickle-Phobic.

The mere presence of pickles dispatches her into a state of screaming terror. Her anxiety about pickles is engulfing her life. Here’s what she has to say:

“My name is Mariah, and I hate pickles. I hate everything about… Pickles are destroying my life. People make fun of me. I feel ashamed. I’m actually afraid of them. I think about pickles I just want to throw up and run away. What I hate most about pickles is the shape, the texture of it, the color. Ewww!”

Maria from Maury Povich Show

Treatment of Picklephobia

pickle rick
Pickle Rick from Rick and Morty show

Tristadekaphobia is not a common problem, but it certainly affects many lives. The common treatment for them are:

  • Medications related to anxiety, depression, headaches, and mental disorder can be beneficial. Make sure you take them only after consulting to doctor.
  • Psychiatrists are a better treatment choice for cognitive behavioral therapy as they can help you determine pickle phobia’s causes and potential solutions.
  • Exposure therapy is the way to embrace this that you fear of. Seeing pictures of living with it is a gradual solution that can make you comfortable with pickles.
  • Sometimes knowing your fears would help, so make sure you refer to websites like a free phobia or any known mental health expert to keep being updated about such fears. Here’s one on what to do when you have Arachnophobia.

Phobias are excessive torture to the mind. Fear of heights or death is considered to be extreme and prevalent. Pickle Phobia is no different. If you have one, admit it. Pickles can be scary; just look at Pickle Rick! But someday, you might have to face it.

If you do not like the taste, do not eat them but let’s not get scared. Come on! Just some stuffed cucumbers in a jar are not worthy of being thought of.

There are therapies and drugs for phobias. But remember, no medication and therapy are better than self-determination. Know your phobias, do not run, learn and tackle. #FreePhobia

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